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Zen Meditation in a Mountaintop Temple


Stay at Ichibata Yakushi Temple to learn about Zen, meditate, and chant sutras under the guidance of an English-speaking abbot.


Ichibata Yakushi is an ancient Zen temple perched on a mountain top in Shimane Prefecture overlooking Lake Shinji and Mount Daisen. The temple has accommodation facilities and comfortable lodgings with English signage, making it suitable for a temple stay. It offers different courses where you can experience zazen seated meditation. You can choose from a zazen experience that starts with a sermon and ends with a cup of green tea; an early morning zazen meditation session followed by a traditional breakfast of rice porridge; or a zazen session at the weekend.


There are also Buddhist calligraphy and drawing classes. Shakyo is the practice of copying out the Buddhist scriptures, character by character and shabutsu focuses on tracing an image of the Buddha. Concentrating on reproducing the shapes will gradually clear your mind of distractions and lead you to a state of inner peace.



There are modern cottages on the temple grounds for guests who wish to stay the night. The cottages are comfortable year-round with double-glazing and insulation to keep things nice and warm even on the coldest winter nights.     
Access: If coming from Tokyo, fly from Haneda Airport to Yonago Airport (about 1 hour and 30 minutes), then take a bus to Matsue Station (about 45 minutes). At Matsue, switch to the train and take the JR Special Express Super Oki 5 to Izumoshi (about 30 minutes). Walk to Dentetsu Izumoshi Station and take the Ichibata Densha Kita-Matsue Line to Ichibataguchi (about 30 minutes). Finally, take a bus or taxi from Ichibataguchi Station (about 10 minutes).



Ichibata Yakushi - Face yourself at the Zen temple on the mountain -


803 Kozakai-cho, Izumo-shi, Shimane-ken


1 hour




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