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©Niyodogawa Outdoor Center

Float Above the Crystal Waters of a Pristine River


Experience the crystal blue waters of the idyllic Niyodo River aboard a transparent kayak


The 124-kilometer-long Niyodo River flows from high in the Shikoku mountains to the Pacific Ocean. The waters of this river are extremely pure. Waters this pure tend to only reflect blue light, a condition that creates what locals (and fervent photographers) call ‘Niyodo Blue.’ 


Now you can experience this rare phenomenon—an almost impossible to imagine shade of brilliant blue—on a crystal kayak tour from aboard a transparent kayak. It takes place where the higher reaches of the river pass through the Yasui Gorge, and empty into a spectacular, calm basin. Here the sheltered waters are safe enough for anyone, including beginners, to enjoy paddling a kayak. Riding one of these transparent boats can make you feel like you are floating on air. 


©Niyodogawa Outdoor Center


Guides from the Niyodogawa Outdoor Center will transport you to the area and instruct those who need guidance. They can also provide professional photographs and drone footage of your experience.


Please note that the color of the river can change, of course, depending upon the season, the weather, and the time of day. The river is at its clearest from November to January, when there is less rainfall and fewer microorganisms. 


Access: It takes about one hour and 30 minutes from Tokyo’s Haneda Airport to Kochi Airport by air, and about one hour and 30 minutes from Kochi Airport to the site by car. 
It takes about one hour and 10 minutes from JR Kochi Station to the site by car.
It takes about one hour and 40 minutes from Matsuyama Airport to the site by car.


©Niyodogawa Outdoor Center


Float over the purist river in Japan in a clear kayak(Niyodogawa Outdoor Center)


6, Nagaya, Niyodogawa-cho, Agawa-gun, Kochi-ken


two hours





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