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A Special Tofu-Making Experience in Nagano


Enjoy a rare chance to see a traditional tofu master at work and learn his craft


Take an exclusive look into the art of making tofu at a workshop deep in the mountains of Nagano Prefecture. At Sennen Tofu ("thousand-year tofu”), a small, family-run shop, you can learn how to make tofu or frozen tofu, a delicacy unique to these cold climes. The current master carries on the ancient tradition, using techniques inherited from his predecessors. Look on as the soy milk is poured into a wooden box, wrapped in cotton cloth and then pressed with heavy stones.



After a guided visit of the shop and an overview of the process under the master’s guidance, you'll have the chance to make tofu or frozen tofu on your own. If you are making frozen tofu and are staying in the area, you can freeze your tofu overnight and pick it up the following morning. Otherwise, it can be shipped to your next accommodation with refrigerated delivery service for an extra fee.

Frozen tofu is a typical preserved food of the Suwa area prepared by laying thick slices of the tofu outside overnight, when temperatures drop to minus 15-20 degrees celsius. Frozen tofu will last longer, and you're sure to enjoy the rich flavor. The tradition of frozen tofu started about 200 years ago in the rural mountain area as an attempt for farmers to create a source of income during the winter months.

The tofu making workshop is held from March to November, and the frozen tofu making workshop is held during the winter months from December to February.



Tourist Guide Booth in front of Chino Station




approx. 150 min. or more




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