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Temple Stays

Experience ancient traditions to renew mind, body and spirit

For thousands of years, pilgrims have journeyed along sacred paths, welcomed at temples along the way with warm hospitality, nourishing meals and prayers. These select temple stays offer an unparalleled opportunity to relax, recharge and experience the gracious simplicity of temple life with comfortable, private accommodations and bespoke experiences. Everyone is welcome to experience Buddhist practices and gain deeper insights into Japan’s spiritual heritage.

What is a temple lodging?

For over 1,000 years, temples have welcomed pilgrims and those needing accommodation at shukubo, or temple lodgings. Shukubo are usually established in areas where overnight accommodation was needed outside of urban areas, including sacred mountain ranges, remote valleys and river crossings, and religious sites. They now offer modern travelers an escape from the pace of city life. These lodgings are found across Japan, and welcome visitors of all faiths to enjoy an authentic temple stay experience.

Recharge your soul

A stay in a temple lodging is an opportunity to slow down and renew. Guests can try meditative, spiritual practices such as shakyo sutra copying, meditation, and strolling the temple gardens. Joining morning prayers is optional, but often proves to be a highlight of the stay. Some temples offer experiences such as traditional music performances, guided walks of the grounds and private tours of the temple halls, revealing deeper insights into the life of the temple and its practices.

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