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Traditional Town Stays

Experience the charms of local life in a historical town

Japan’s historical townscapes are at the crossroads of history and culture. Stay in beautifully preserved and repurposed homes, stores and storehouses. Make yourself at home in the heart of an ancient merchant quarter or samurai enclave. Stroll the historical streets, long after the day trippers have gone. Discover hidden restaurants, secret gardens and serendipitous paths. Connect with history through authentic experiences. Get lost in these charming towns and find yourself.

What is a traditional town like?

There are traditional townscapes across Japan, each with its own character and charm. Some are centered on specialist industries such as salt, sake or silk, drawing skilled workers and merchants. Others are lively port towns for fishing and trade. In the mountains, there are hidden valleys of well-preserved farmhouses, and post towns that served as rest stops on ancient highways. Explore these towns and discover traditions that have been handed down for generations.

Explore and connect

Wandering the streets of a traditional town, take the chance to slow down and experience local life. Visitors can see artisans working in their studios, visit sake breweries, taste local specialties and even learn some new skills. Staying in a traditional town lets you forge real connections with the community and enjoy authentic experiences.

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