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Cherry Blossoms at Kumamoto Castle

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Beautifully blooming cherry trees offering encouragement to locals and visitors alike

Kumamoto City Tourism Policy Division


Kumamoto City in Kyushu has several spots known for their cherry blossom trees, or sakura in Japanese. However, the cherry blossom trees at Kumamoto Castle, the symbol of Kumamoto and one of Japan’s three most famous castles, truly capture the essence of the city and have been cherished since olden times.


Beyond the iconic castle keeps, the fortress has many turrets and a castle wall that add variety and changes to the scenery. Every spring, this heritage that has been passed down since the era of samurai is painted in vibrant pink as the 800 cherry blossom trees within the grounds bloom to greet their visitors. The castle and its cherry blossoms are also lit up at night, forming an especially fantastic atmosphere and entrancing many.



Although the city was devastated in the 2016 Kumamoto Earthquake, there are many solid signs of recovery from the disaster, not least of which is the complete restoration of the castle keeps that define the castle. Many found heart in seeing the towering façade remain standing despite the damage, and the structure became an important emotional support to residents as a symbol of recovery.


Come and admire the cherry blossoms of Kumamoto Castle. As you gaze at these beautiful flowers, you will be overwhelmed by a special feeling. This scenery, which normally heralds the arrival of spring, became a source of strength after the earthquake, and now it even resembles a celebration of reconstruction and resilience.





How to get there


From Kumamoto airport, take a limousine bus to Torichosuji (about 40 minutes), then walk about 4 minutes to Kumamoto Castle.


1-1 Honmaru, Chuo-ku, Kumamoto-shi, Kumamoto-ken



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