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Keya no Oto Boat Tour


Itoshima city tourism association  

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Join a sea excursion to a wave-eroded cave and feel the power of nature up close

Fukuoka Prefecture


Itoshima city tourism association


A stunning cave made from unusual rock formations, Keya no Oto stands amidst the rough waves of the Genkai Sea at Cape Oto, on the northwest tip of Itoshima Peninsula, Fukuoka Prefecture. Over millennia, the weak parts of the rock have been eroded by the sea, creating rows of hexagonal columns so neat they almost seem manmade. Designated as National Natural Monument, Keya no Oto is 64-meter-high,10-meter wide, and 90-meter long, making it one of the three largest basalt caves in Japan. 


Itoshima city tourism association


Keya no Oto Cave is only accessible by sea. From March to November, when the waves are usually quieter, you can witness this natural masterpiece on the Keya no Oto Boat Tour, which departs from Keya Fishing Port. When approached by boat, the cave's black mouth is a truly powerful sight. If the water is calm, the boat will venture inside the cave, allowing you to appreciate the artistic power of nature up close. The place is so awe-inspiring that the 25-minute tour will end before you know it!


Itoshima city tourism association


Keya no Oto Boat Tour can accommodate up to 20 guests and reservations are not required. The number of tours per day are not fixed and service may be canceled depending on sea conditions, so please check with the operating company before visiting.



How to get there


From Fukuoka Airport, take the subway to Chikuzen-Maebaru Station through the JR Chikuhi Line (50 minutes), then take a Showa bus and get off at "Keya" bus stop (25 minutes).


520 Shimakeya, Itoshima-shi, Fukuoka-ken



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