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Unique Sights of Fukuoka

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Feel the attractive nature, culture, and tradition of Fukuoka Prefecture

Fukuoka Prefecture


Set in the northern part of Kyushu, Fukuoka Prefecture abounds with outdoor activities, traditional handicrafts, and an exuberant food culture. Fukuoka Airport is the global gateway to the prefecture, connecting international visitors to the center of Fukuoka City, the largest city in Kyushu and one of the oldest in Japan. From there, you have endless choices to start your Fukuoka journey and explore the many sights worth visiting.

For a take on Fukuoka’s agricultural bounty, travel inland to the region of Yame, known for its unrivaled high-quality green tea. To sample Yame green tea, visit the Tea Museum in Hoshino Village. Featuring a store, restaurant, exhibition space, and studio workshop, this is the perfect place to learn about the Yame tea culture through hands-on experiences such as tea grinding and matcha tea preparation.



If you are interested in pottery and crafts, don’t miss the Koishiwarayaki Ceramics Museum in Toho Village, which showcases the 350-year-old tradition of Koishiwara pottery. Here you will find examples of the Tobi-Kanna patterns and Hakeme brushstrokes, two main trademarks of the Koishiwara style. At Yanase Honkamamoto Pottery, you can try making your own Koishiwara pottery with the help of a master artisan, who will help you transform your clay into works of art. 


Fukuoka Prefecture Tourism Association


A trip to Fukuoka wouldn’t be complete without visiting its holy sites. A collective name for three shrines, Munakata Taisha Shrine in northwest Fukuoka is considered one of the oldest in Japan, with references appearing in ancient Japanese texts and mythology. One of the most sacred places on the shrine grounds is not a building, but a ceremonial site called Takamiya Saijo, where festivals and nighttime kagura dances dedicated to the shrine’s deities are held.



How to get there


From Fukuoka Airport, you can reach Hakata Station with direct 5-minute subways connections and access other areas of Fukuoka Prefecture from there.


Tea Museum in Hoshino Village: From Hakata Station, take a JR limited express train to Tosu Station (25 minutes), change trains to get to JR Hainuzuka Station (20 minutes), then take a taxi to the Tea Museum (50 minutes).


Koishiwarayaki Ceramics Museum: From Hakata Station, walk 1 minute to Hakata Bus Terminal. Take a highway bus to Haki (1 hour and a half), then change to a bus bound for Koishiwara and get off at "Yakuba-mae" stop (50 minutes). The museum is 10 minutes on foot from the bus stop.


Munakata Taisha Shrine: From Hakata Station, take a JR train to Togo Station (30 minutes), then a bus to "Munakata Taisha-mae" (12 minutes).


Tea Museum in Hoshino Village (Cha no bunkakan): 10816-5 Hoshino-mura, Yame-shi, Fukuoka-ken

Koishiwarayaki Ceramics Museum: 730-9 Koishiwara, Tohomura, Asakura-gun, Fukuoka-ken

Munakata Taisha Shrine: 2331 Tashima, Munakata-shi, Fukuoka-ken



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