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Ibusuki Hot Steam Sand Baths

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Enjoy a unique bathing experience at a coastal hot spring paradise

Ibusuki City


A small seaside city at the southern tip of Kagoshima Prefecture, Ibusuki is famous for its wonderful natural hot springs. Hot spring water runs underground from the mountains to the ocean, and steam can be seen rising throughout the city. On Surigahama Beach, you can even see the mysterious sight of steam rising from the sea. The sand here is naturally heated by the hot water flowing underneath and used for the famous hot steam sand baths.

A specialty of Ibusuki that has been popular for more than 300 years, this unique bathing style involves being buried in hot sand up to the neck. Sand baths have many health benefits, such as improving blood circulation, refreshing the skin, and detoxing the body, and are said to be three to four times more effective than ordinary hot springs.



Enjoy this invigorating experience at Sand Bath Hall SARAKU, Ibusuki's largest sand bathing facility. Go to the beach after changing into a yukata robe, lay on your back, and let the staff cover your body with the warm sand. Enjoy the peaceful sound of the waves hitting the shore as you sweat out the toxins from your body. You should lay buried in the sand for about 10 minutes. After leaving the beach, wash off the sand and take a relaxing hot spring bath inside the facility.



It is particularly recommended to take the hot steam sand baths in winter. Make the trip down to the beautiful city of Ibusuki and try this unique experience for yourself! At the edge of the waves, the sand can get to about 85 degrees Celsius, so please don’t walk barefoot.



How to get there


From Kagoshima Airport, take a bus to JR Kagoshima-Chuo Station (40 minutes), then a train for JR Ibusuki Station (1 hour). Sand Bath Hall SARAKU is a 5-minute bus ride from the station.


5-25-18 Yunohama, Ibusuki-shi, Kagoshima-ken



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