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Alpine Plants and Panoramic Views at Mt. Tsurugi

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Scale western Japan’s second-highest mountain with help from a chairlift

Institute Soranosato



Journey to the top of 1,955-meter-tall Mt. Tsurugi, where on a fine day you can see views of the scenery as far away as the Seto Inland Sea, Cape Ashizuri, and Wakayama.
Although it is the second highest mountain in western Japan, your journey up need not be hard work. Take the relaxing chairlift most of the way up the mountain, then walk just 30 minutes to the top. Alternatively, for a longer hike, follow the well-maintained trails from the bottom. Doing the full hike takes about two hours each way. Whether you choose the short or long walk, keep your eye out for beautiful alpine plants, such as Kirengeshoma palmata, also known as yellow wax-bells due to their yellow, shuttlecock-shaped flowers.
At the top, you will find a shrine, mountain huts, and wooden boardwalks that lead to various viewpoints with panoramic views out over the surrounding mountains. At this height, you will feel like you are looking out across a sea of clouds—the views are breath-taking.
The mountain’s name, Tsurugi, means “sword” and originates from a legend that says that Emperor Antoku’s sword was hidden deep within these remote mountains. Mt. Tsurugi is considered a sacred mountain and is a center for Shugendo, a Japanese folk religion based on mountain worship.
Learn about the history, culture, and nature of this huge mountain on a full-day tour with Trip the River Guide of Shikoku. They’ll pick you up from your hotel, guide you up the mountain, and even make you a cup of coffee or tea with fresh, natural water from one of the mountain’s streams.


How to get there

From Shin-Osaka Station, take the JR Sanyo Shinkansen to Okayama Station (about 50 minutes). From there, take the JR Limited Express to Awa-Ikeda Station (about 1 hour). From Awa-Ikeda Station, take the JR Tokushima-sen to JR Sadamitsu Station (about 30 minutes). It is a 15-minute drive from JR Sadamitsu Station.


205-25 Sugeoi, Higashiiya, Miyoshi-shi, Tokushima-ken


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