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Hot Air Balloon Ride in Matsushima Bay

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Fly over Matsushima, one of the "Three Most Scenic Spots in Japan" and view the beautiful sunrise at Matsushima Bay

Sendai City



Situated just an hour outside Sendai, the capital city of Miyagi Prefecture, Matsushima is home to one of the "Three Most Scenic Spots of Japan," the country's most famous selection of beautiful views that was first described in a book in the mid-17th century. There are many ways to enjoy Matsushima's scenic coast, but by taking a ride on a hot air balloon, you can take in the beauty of the 260 islands that dot the coast from above.

The hot air balloon experience is a ride in which participants get inside a basket secured with ropes from four directions and soar to a height of approximately twenty meters. This allows you to fully enjoy the spectacular view of Matsushima Bay and its floating islands.



The hot air balloon rides are offered early in the morning when the breezes are gentle. The enchanting views of Matsushima's "Hikari-no-michi" (path of light) created by the reflection of sunrise on the sea are sure to amaze you. The small islands glowing in the warm sunlight are a sight you can only enjoy at Matsushima Bay at this time of day.

If you wish, you can come around 5:00 a.m. to observe the preparation of the hot air balloons. You will be able to watch the balloon being inflated and heated with a burner. The experience of viewing the islands of Matsushima from a hot air balloon will be one of the most moving experiences you will ever have.






How to get there


From Sendai Airport, take the Sendai Airport Access Line to Sendai Station (about 25 minutes). Transfer to the Senseki Line to Takagimachi Station (about 25 minutes). The location is about a 15-minute walk from the station.


2 Isojima, Isozaki,  Matsushima-machi, Miyagi-gun, Miyagi-ken



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