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Washi Papermaking Class in Matsue

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Learn about the craft of Izumo Mingeishi and create your own beautiful washi paper during your visit to Shimane Prefecture

Matsue City, Shimane Prefecture



The Abe Eishiro Memorial Hall and washi workshop lie in an idyllic area of farmland in the foothills on the outskirts of Matsue City. 

Papermaking began in Yakumo about 400 years ago, and the craft became known as Izumo washi. The craftsman Eishiro Abe (1902 -1984) had a significant influence on the art form, which through his efforts came to be known as Izumo Mingeishi. His way of making washi made the paper very resistant to discoloration, water, and insect damage, and this strength allowed the paper to be used in a wide range of ways. 

Abe’s papermaking techniques garnered attention both in Japan and overseas, leading it to be designated an Intangible Cultural Heritage, and the craftsman himself a Living National Treasure. His descendants now carry on his techniques.

He established the Abe Eishiro Memorial Hall in 1983 to teach others about Izumo Mingeishi papermaking. Here, you can learn to make washi paper (in Japanese, English, or French) and check out the folk crafts of the region. You can see experienced artisans create washi up close and marvel at their skill. 

Visitors can also make handheld fans and book covers using Izumo Mingeishi or join a papermaking class.


How to get there


Take the Sanyo Shinkansen Line for roughly 1 hour from Shin-Osaka station bound for Hakata/Kagoshima-Chuo. Get off at Okayama Station and transfer to the limited express. Take the JR Yakumo limited express bound for Izumo for roughly 2 hours and 30 minutes, arriving at Matsue Station. From Matsue Station, take the Ichibata Bus Yakumo Line for roughly 30 minutes, getting off at Yakumo Shako. From there, walk a short distance to Yakumo Bus Terminal, then transfer to the Yakumo Bessyo Line and ride for 15 minutes, getting off at Abe Eishiro Memorial Hall.


1754 Higashiiwasaka, Yakumo-cho, Matsue-shi, Shimane-ken


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