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Okinawa Travel Itinerary

OKINAWA Island Hopping 5 days

A tour focusing on remote island, suitabe for those of you who want to relax in the rich nature on islands which are easily accessible from the main Okinawa isle.
Jump on a boat and go further: the finest blue sea and beaches are waiting for you.


Tokashiki Island

Things To Do

Tokashiki Island, one of the famous island among Kerama Isles, is close to Naha, and is the largest of them.
You just need 70 minutes to reach there by ferry, so it is a perfect one-day trip destination from Naha.
Being the island with superb “Kerama Blue Sea”, one of the home to most transparent sea water in the world, Tokashiki Island has many marine activities to offer to its visitors from April to October, such as diving and snorkeling, starting from beginner level! During winter, from January to March, the local popular activity is to observe humpback whales from a whale watching boat!


Zamami Island

Things To Do

Zamami Island, a place where you can enjoy marine activities on a one-day trip, is just 50 minutes away from Naha by high-speed boat.
It is located at the center of the Kerama Isles and has the most population among Kerama Isles.
On Zamami Island, Ama beach is a famous spot for sea turtles viewing while Furuzanami beach was rated 2 stars on the French travel guide “Michelin Green Guide Japan”. These are the two biggest beaches and must-see spots on the Island!
Same as Tokashiki Island, you are able to enjoy marine activities during summer, whale watching during winter, and thus enjoy the island all year long!


Miyako Islands / Irabu Ohashi Bridge / Yukishio Salt Factory

Things To Do

Miyako Island (Miyakojima) is the largest island among the 8 islands of Miyako Islands. It is easily accessible from Naha via a 45 minute plane ride.
There are 3 bridges that connect Miyako Island to other islands. So, you can simply cross a bridge or ride a boat, and you’re on the next island to start another trip!
You can either relax and observe the jewel-colored Miyako-blue sea, or to play with the fishes that come and flock close to the corals in the shallow waters of the beach!
The most populer Yonaha Maehama beach has the longest white sand beach among Miyako Islands and is known for its sea water that transits from emerald green to vivid blue in gradience.
There is a lot more to enjoy than just the Marine port!
Miyako Island in the winter off-season (from November to March) is the best period to go golfing. Many people visit here to play golf in the resorts while enjoying the superb view of the ocean.
Yukishio is a specialty of Miyakojima, which has been certified by the Guinness World Records as "the salt with the highest number of minerals in the world".


Yaeyama Islands (Ishigaki Island & others)

Things To Do

Ishigaki Island is a popular remote island located among Yaeyama Islands. Since it’s the third biggest island in Okinawa, we recommend you to take your time and enjoy this wonderful place. It is about 60 minutes away by plane from Naha / 35 minutes away by plane from Miyako Island.
When diving around this popular spot, you will get to meet manta rays and beautiful coral reefs.
Beside the wonders of the ocean, there are many other attractions, such as the mangrove you can walk through, the limestone caves, and most of all the number of visible stars in the night sky is incredible.
Iriomote-Ishigaki National Park, located on and around the Yaeyama Islands, is certified as a “Starry Sky Reserve”, meaning you can see more beautiful stars at night than anywhere else!


Ishigaki Beef / Taketomi Island

Things To Do

“Wagyu” isn’t limited to Kobe beef only!
On the Yaeyama Isles, where Ishigaki Island is located, about 80% Japanese black calves are born here and then sent to high-end wagyu production areas all over the country!
Thus, the ones called “Ishigaki beef” are the cows born and raised in Ishigaki, and its meat must have a marbling rate of at least 25%.
It’s an extremely rare kind of beef that you can’t find easily outside of Okinawa. It is said to be the most tender beef because its fat melts at a lower temperature comparing to the other wagyu beef.
Taketomi Island, another island located in Yaeyama Islands, is approx. 15 minutes from Ishigaki Island by regularly scheduled ferry. It allows you take a peep at the primeval Okinawa landscapes: single storey houses and their red-tile roofs, surrounded by stone walls.
On Taketomi Island, Kaiji Beach is a romantic place where you can find sand in the shape of star. According to the locals, these star-shaped “sands” appeared to be the child of the stars in their folk tales. Come and search for the little stars in the sand and bring them home with you!
*The “stars” actually are foraminiferal shells washed up on the shore.

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