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Beautiful contrast between rural landscape and Shiino Hydrangea Road


“Shiino Hydrangea Road” is located 600 meters above sea level in the Kitago Shiino area in Misato Town, and stretches 7 km in length along which some 30,000 hydrangeas bloom. This Hydrangea Road began 20 years ago with women living in this village planting hydrangeas taken from their own backyard in order for tourists to enjoy the scenery. Now, most of people living here take part in such maintenance activities as weeding, pruning, and fertilizing all year around.Shiino Hydrangea Road was awarded the grand prize in the “Bi no Sato Zukuri (Beautiful Village) Competition” organized by the Japanese Government in 2007, and also won the grand prize in the “Hana no Kankochi Zukuri (Flower Sightseeing Site) Award” competition organized by the Japan Travel and Tourism Association in the following year. This recognition surely underscores the fact that in this small village among the mountains you can enjoy breathtaking vistas. Shiino Hydrangea Road now draws a great deal of attention from all over Japan. The magnificent view created by the contrast between the rural landscape and the hydrangeas will surely make your heart soften.


Shiino Hydrangea RoadBest time: late June to beginning of July

* This is the information as of June, 2017



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