Tottori Sand Dunes

~Crafted out of Sand by Nature~
Tottori Sand Dunes are the largest coastal sand dunes in Japan, stretching out for 16 kilometres to the east and west and for 2.4 kilometres to the north and south. Its centre has been designated as a natural monument.

◆Beautiful Art Weaved Together by Wind and SandStriped patterns that look like waves appear in the sand when certain conditions are met, such as when the wind is blowing at a speed of 5 – 6m per second and when the sand is dry enough. These are called “wind ripples”, or “sand ripples” named after the shapes formed. You should visit the dunes early in the morning before the tourists arrive if you want to see them clearly as the patterns may not be visible depending on the angle and strength of the wind, and also after many people have walked over them.

◆Enjoy a Variety of Activities at the DunesYou can enjoy a variety of activities at the dunes, even though the camel ride experience, where you explore the dunes on camelback, is the most popular activity over there. Those that are more active can also try out the sports activities, such as sandboarding which makes use of sand and inclination, or fat bike riding which are bikes that run on sand using extremely thick tires. Paragliding and yoga on the sand dunes are recommended for those that wish to experience nature.


Address: Fukube-cho Yuyama, Tottori City, Tottori
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