Traditional River Crossing: Tadami River, Oku-Aizu

Soak up the scenery and history of the Tadami River and mysterious ghost town!

Discover the mysteries of the Tadami River on a traditional river-boat crossing. Deep in the mountains of Oku-Aizu in Western Fukushima Prefecture lies the abandoned village of Mifuke. Located on a small islet along the beautiful Tadami river, access in and out of the village was only possible by a small river boat which would carry residents to and from the towns and villages on the other side. After a landslide devastated much of the community in 1964, all residents were forced to relocate, leaving the remaining buildings of the village empty. In recent years, the traditional river crossing service has been re-introduced to the area as a form of local tourism. Visitors can experience what it was like for Mifuke villagers to cross the beautiful Tadami river in a traditional man-powered river-boat, as well as explore some of the old buildings and historical landmarks still standing. Take in the scenic beauty of the misty Tadami River and gain a rare insight into the historical lifestyle of Oku-Aizu.

Business Hour: Mid. April ~ Mid November, between sunrise until sunset (Reservation required.)

Tour time: 1 hour



About 15 mins walk from JR Hayato station (Tadami Line), or 25 mins drive from Aizu-Bange-Yanaizu Interchange on the Banetsu Expressway.

Address: 888 Yunodaira Hayato, Mishima



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