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Story Be Dazzled by the Radiance of the Shirahama 2022 Fireworks Rally
An Explosion of Colours in a Hot Spring Town
By JNTO on 2 August 2022

The hot spring town of Shirahama in Wakayama Prefecture holds its renowned summer fireworks festival every year at the famed Shirahama Beach. It was previously known as the Shirahama Fireworks Festival but is now called the Shirahama 2022 Fireworks Rally. 


The change in name also signifies the change in the fireworks display format. Previous iterations of the festival saw the execution of two 40-minute fireworks displays but the Shirahama 2022 Fireworks Rally will see shorter 15-minute fireworks displays, in an effort to mitigate overcrowding due to coronavirus concerns. 


A dazzling spectacle in the night sky


Shirahama Fireworks Display


This year’s festival will be conducted on consecutive Sundays, starting on 17 July and ending on 28 August (except 14 August), with each show firing up a display of 800 fireworks lasting for 15 minutes, from 8:10 pm to 8:25 pm. 


Previous celebrations of the festival had seen approximately 155,000 people in attendance. Colourful firework displays with names such as Starmine and underwater fireworks bedazzled Shirahama’s summer night skies. The finale display of the most recent event was called the ‘Niagara’, which saw fireworks streaming down from a line.


The YouTube channel of the official tourism organisation holds a live stream of the event as well!


Exploring Shirahama


Shirahama Beach


Aside from witnessing a spectacular show, travellers visiting the region can also enjoy the nature of the area. Shirahama Beach is one of Kansai region’s most well-known beaches, and rightfully so with its white sandy beaches contrasted against cloudless blue skies.


Saki No Yu Onsen


For those looking for the comforts of a hot spring to relax their senses, head to Saki-no-yu Onsen. This storied hot spring, whose history spans over 14 centuries, has an outdoor bath looking out to the vast expanse of the Pacific Ocean. 





If adventure is on your agenda, head to Sandanbeki and witness the powerful waves crashing against its sawtooth coastlines. This site is also home to the Sandanbeki Cave, where visitors take an elevator down to an underground cave that houses 100 hanging lanterns.


Sandanbeki Cave



A breathtaking display of nature at Engetsu Island


Engetsu Island

©Wakayama Tourism Federation


Engetsu Island, considered the symbol of Shirahama town, has been lauded as the Kansai region’s foremost sunset spot. It is immediately recognisable because of an eroded circle in a land mass on the island. It offers the best photo-taking opportunities when the fiery blaze of the sun sits nicely in that circle during the spring or autumn equinox.


With many sights and experiences offered, it’s little wonder that Shirahama has garnered a sterling reputation as a diverse and unique destination. 


Access: JR Shirahama Station is accessible from Shin-Osaka station via a 2 hour 40 minute train ride on the Kuroshio line
Website: http://www.nankishirahama.jp.e.aee.hp.transer.com/



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