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Tsukuba Kasumigaura Rinrin Road

Tsukuba Kasumigaura Rinrin Road Tsukuba Kasumigaura Rinrin Road
Tsukuba Kasumigaura Rinrin Road Tsukuba Kasumigaura Rinrin Road



  • Although the entire course is 180 km in length, the level, well-maintained roads, and lack of heavy traffic make it safe for beginners. Advanced riders can enjoy the challenge of the Mt. Tsukuba Hill Climb. Along the course are rest areas, public restrooms, and convenience stores. Ring Ring Square Tsuchiura is the starting point and connects with Tsuchiura Station. It has showers, lockers, and bike and tool rentals. Wide-area bike rental is available and reservations can be made online.

  • The Tsukuba Kasumigaura Ring Ring Road wends through Ibaraki's rich natural environment, including the areas around Lake Kasumigaura and Mt. Tsukuba. The natural scenery, along with the historical and cultural assets of the area, makes it an attractive destination for cyclists. Enjoy cycling through the beautiful scenery in all seasons. Take care in the early morning and at night in winter, when roads may be icy.

  • Along the course, take time to visit local highlights, including Tsukuba and the Tsukuba Space Center, the lakes and waterways of Kasumigaura, the famous Kairakuen Garden in Mito, and the towering Ushiku Daibutsu in Ushiku, which stands 120 meters tall. Relax and unwind at accommodations and hot springs along the route. Many hotels offer bicycle storage, maintenance, and cleaning services under the "Cyclist-Friendly Inn" certification system.

The Tsukuba Kasumigaura Ring-Ring Road is one of Japan’s first National Cycling Routes. This 180-kilometer-long course connects the former Tsukuba Railway cycling path with Lake Kasumigaura, and offers magnificent views of diverse natural landscapes, from the shores of the lake and the rivers and wetlands in the area to the towering peak of Mt. Tsukuba in the distance. Take a breather and enjoy sightseeing at historic Kashima Shrine, or view seasonal flowers at Ibaraki Flower Park. Just a stone’s throw from Tokyo, Ring-Ring Road is an easy addition to any travel itinerary. 





Length 180km
Duration 7.5~12hours
Elevation Gain about 58m

* Duration is an estimate and may vary depending on route and pace.


Reference: Ring Ring Road Full Course




From JR Tokyo Station, take the Joban Line Limited Express for about an hour to JR Tsuchiura Station, one of the major starting points of the Ring-Ring Road.




Tsukuba Kasumigaura Rinrin Road


Tsukuba Kasumigaura Rinrin Road (Route Map)



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