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Diving Destination Mie Prefecture Basho's ancient birthplace is pure poetry

About Mie

Mie is a prefecture of Japan located in the Kansai region of Honshu. It is located on the eastern coast of the Kii Peninsula, forming the western side of Ise Bay which feature the mouths of the Kiso Three Rivers.
South of the Shima Peninsula, it is a warmer Pacific marine climate, with Owase Region having one of the heaviest rainfall figures for all of Japan.
35% of the areas are designated Natural Parks, Quasi-National Parka, and Prefectural Natural Park.
Mie Prefecture is where the famous Ise Jingu, where many visitors visit from all over the world, all year round. You can say that, it is the heart of all shrines in Japan.In Mie, there are plenty of other tourist attractions you can visit during your stay.
If you are a meat lover, you must try the Matsusaka beef (Matsusaka Ushi). If you want something from the Ocean, Ise-ebi (lobster) and local oysters are something that is recommended.
As it is located in the middle of Osaka and Nagoya, you can use the "Kintetsu Rail Pass" and "Ise-Kumano-Wakayama Area Tourist Pass of JR Central" for transport into this area.
Diving wise, the Ocean is as dynamic and beautiful as the adjacent Wakayama prefectur


Saw tooth sea line with macro to wide range marine life


Located on the east side of Kii peninsula, Kuki is a warm ocean with the black current coming into the bay. It is popular due to the many variety of nudibranch and other macro marine life you can encounter.





Near 100% Japanese bullhead shark(Heterodontus japonicus)


Located on the east coast of the Kii peninsula, Owase is located in the door step of the World Herritage "Kumano Kodo" and welcomes many overseas visitors all through the year.
If your a diver, an underwater visit when you are here is a must. The sea bed are covered with colourful soft corals such as Alcyonacea.
Visit the diving point "NECO Ichiban". Here the local divers says, you can see the Japanese bullhead shark on every dive.






With the saw tooth shoreline, Houzaura offers protected in bay diving through out the year. The bay is famous for it's pearl cultivation and aqua farming. Underwater, you can enjoy the beauty of the soft corals and the rich marine life environment.




Koka is famous for it's Ama woman divers, a traditional skin diving fishing done by the female divers. Unlike the other diving area in this area, Koka is situated on the open seaside of the pacific. Generally shallow, the depth ranges from 2m -20m.From schools of large size fishes to small nudibranch, it is a popular diving sites for the local divers.





A small fishing port in the Owari area, Mikiura offers protection from wind waves, offering stress free diving. It is considered by some divers as a secret hideaway due to the small numbers of divers visiting this area presently.





Located in the protected bay area, Nansei is popular because of it's diversity of marine life. From January to May, you can see variety of macro marine life ,such as as nudibranch and tiny Lethotremus awae. From summer to autumn season, you can enjoy the school of large size fishes.



Average Water Temperatures​

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