Sekigane Onsen 関金温泉

Sekigane Onsen
Sekigane Onsen

Platinum-quality water in an ancient hot spring resort

The waters of Sekigane Onsen are famously clear and odorless, despite having high levels of minerals and naturally occurring chemicals that are beneficial to health. For this reason, these hot springs are known to have “platinum water.”

Sekigane Onsen is included on an official list of the best 100 hot springs in Japan and is also listed as a “National Hot Spring Health Resort.”

How to Get There

Take a 35-minute bus ride from JR Kurayoshi Station.

More than 1,200 years of history

Located on the border of the Tottori and Okayama prefectures and at the foot of Mt. Daisen , the hot springs have soothed the bodies and minds of travelers for centuries. The origins of Sekigane are said to date back more than 1,200 years.

Excellent place for a day trip

Sekigane Yurai Ryokan or the town's Yumeikan are excellent places to enjoy a bath for day trippers, while some of the more expensive ryokan also allow for visitors to use the baths for a fee. Note that Yumeikan is mixed gender and requires swimwear.

Stunning views from Kamei Park

Kamei Park offers pleasant views over Sekigane Onsen. Around 60,000 rhododendron flowers bloom in April and turn the park a brilliant pink.

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