Asia Pacific Trade Center アジア太平洋トレードセンター

Asia Pacific Trade Center ATC
Asia Pacific Trade Center ATC

Osaka's go-to venue for global conferences and traveling expos

If you're in Osaka on business, there's a good chance that you're attending an exhibition or conference at the Asia Pacific Trade Center. You don't have to be working to enjoy a trip to the facilities, though, since the center regularly features fun events intended for all ages.

Check the calendar beforehand to see what events are coming up. You may have a chance to play with reptiles, eat food from all over Japan, or something else fun and intellectually stimulating.

Quick Facts

Past attractions have included made-to-scale dinosaurs

Check the calendar before you go as all the events are on here

Commonly referred to as ATC

How to Get There

From Osaka Station, take the Osaka Loop Line to Bentencho Station. Then transfer to the Chuo Line and ride to Cosmo Square Station. From there, it's a 15-minute walk following the prominently displayed signs.

Do some shopping on your way in or out

The Asia Pacific Trade Center facilities also house the O's shopping center, where you can find food, retail shops and more.

Planning your time

The Asia Pacific Trade Center calendar is only available in Japanese, but a little browsing should give you some idea of what's happening on any given day.

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