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Futarasan-jinja Shrine 日光二荒山神社

nikko area nikko area
nikko area nikko area

A shrine to the sacred mountain

Established in the 8th century in dedication to one of Nikko's mountain gods Mt. Nantai, Futarasan-jinja Shrine represents the spiritual heart of the area. Although not as grand and ornate as its neighbors, Toshogu Shrine and Rinnoji Temple , Futarasan-jinja Shrine boasts the mountain behind it as the main place of worship.

Don't miss:

  • The spectacular mausoleum, Toshogu Shrine next door
  • Nearby Rinnoji Temple
  • The towering cedar trees leading to the shrine complex

Quick Facts

It was founded in 782 by Shodo Shonin, the Buddhist monk who brought Buddhism to Nikko and who founded nearby Rinnoji Temple and the sacred red Shinkyo bridge

The shrine keeps two swords that are national treasures of Japan

How to Get There

The shrine is accessible on foot or by bus from Nikko Station.

The walk takes about 45 minutes from Nikko Station along pleasant forest-lined roads.

From Nikko Station or Tobu Nikko Station, take the World Heritage tour bus which stops at the UNESCO Heritage sites. The bus ride takes about 15 minutes to reach Futarasan-jinja Shrine.

Futarasan-jinja Shrine during cherry blossom season

About the shrine

The shrine area is free to enter and look around except for a garden containing trees sacred to the shrine.

Gate leading to the main shrine area

There are three Futarasan-jinja in Nikko . The one most talked about is the main/lower shrine located near the other Nikko World Heritage sites. The middle shrine is located on the north shore of Lake Chuzenji . The top shrine is located at the peak of Mt. Nantai.

Middle Futarasan-jinja on the north shore of Lake Chuzenji

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