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Iwatsuki 岩槻エリア

Iwatsuki Area Iwatsuki Area
Iwatsuki Area Iwatsuki Area

Dolls built this town, and you can make them here yourself

Iwatsuki is a small district of Saitama City that's nicknamed the "City of Dolls." Iwatsuki began making dolls in the 17th century, and the figures made here, from cute little girl dolls to fierce warriors, were used in festivals all over Japan.

Iwatsuki also has a long history as a post town on the Nikko-Kaido Road, and is located right at the center of the Kanto plain.

How to Get There

Iwatsuki is just 15 minutes from Omiya Station by train, and you can easily get to Tokyo from Omiya Station.

All kinds of figures, and workshops on making them

A wide variety of dolls is on display at the Togyoku Doll Museum near Iwatsuki Station, including dolls for major annual festivals, little samurai, puppets, windup mechanical dolls, and modern takes on the traditional forms.

The museum also displays doll-related artifacts and holds workshops on doll making. Another place to see dolls is the Tokyu Doll Museum, which has over 1,000 of them.

Spectacular cherry blossom too

Iwatsuki Castle was built during the 16th century, and what remains of the fortress is located in Iwatsuki Castle Park , which is famous for its 600 cherry trees.

Near Iwatsuki

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