Kumanokawa Onsen 熊の川温泉郷

Kumanokawa Onsen
Kumanokawa Onsen

Decompress in this traditional hot spring town

Kumanokawa Onsen is a quaint village hidden among the outskirts of Saga City . Stay at one of the many local inns and enjoy a relaxing bath and a traditional Japanese meal.

How to Get There

Kumanokawa Onsen is located north of Saga City and accessible by bus or car.

From Saga Station bus center, take a bus to Kumanokawa Onsen. It takes about 40 minutes, but be sure to check the schedule as buses are infrequent. Alternatively, a car takes about 25 minutes from Saga Station.

Hidden away from modernity

Kumanokawa Onsen is particularly charming in the evening. Stroll amongst the peaceful streets and along the Kumanogawa, literally meaning “Bear River.” Many of the shops offer local crafts and produce. So step back in time in this traditionally styled onsen community.

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