Yonago Castle Ruins 米子城跡

Yonago Castle Ruins
Yonago Castle Ruins

Castle ruins that still offer a warlord's strategic and panoramic perspective

Yonago Castle was built sometime in the late 15th century, and, through later additions, became the largest fortification in the entire San-in region. It sat atop Mt. Shiro, an aerie of strategic importance due to its connection to the sea and because it looked down upon Yonago's main river.

How to Get There

The castle ruins are a 20-minute walk from the Yonago Station on the JR West Sanin-Honsen Line, and a 10-minute drive from the Sanindo Expressway Yonago-Naka interchange or the Yonago-Minami interchange.

Spectacular panoramic views

After changing hands several times in its long history, Yonago was finally dismantled in 1880 and its wooden beams were used as firewood in the local bathhouses. All that remains of the castle are its steps, foundations, and a gate.

The top of what remains, however, shows Yonago City, as well as the Sea of Japan to the north, Lake Nakaumi to the west, and majestic Mt. Daisen to the east.

Minatoyama Park at the base of the mountain is a popular spot for cherry blossom viewing in spring.


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