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Senmaida Rice Fields 白米千枚田

Shiroyone no Senmaida Shiroyone no Senmaida
Shiroyone no Senmaida Shiroyone no Senmaida

Strikingly beautiful rice terraces overlooking the Sea of Japan

Shiroyone Senmaida is a scenic hillside of tiered rice paddies. Situated along the Noto Peninsula these unusual fields were nationally designated a "Special Place of Scenic Beauty".

Quick Facts

Senmaida literally means 1,000 rice fields

All of the farming is done by hand

How to Get There

Senmaida is most easily accessed by private vehicle or rental car. There are buses from Kanazawa Station, Nanao Station and Wakura Onsen Station, however all of these require some transfers and run infrequently.

There is a large parking lot located next to the rice fields and visitor center. Expect traffic jams during busy seasons.

Witness traditional methods of rice planting

Because of their small size, the rice fields at Senmaida are worked by hand. Once a year, volunteers arrive in large groups to plant rice seedlings in the small fields. In autumn the rice is harvested by local farmers using traditional hand tools. Whatever season you visit, take the time to enjoy the fields from different perspectives, walking down to the ocean and through the small paths that wind through the paddies.

Enjoy the night views

One of the most spectacular times to see the rice fields is at night during winter from mid-October to mid-March. The paddies are festooned with LED lights which change color every 30 minutes, the work of local volunteers.

Nearby attractions

The rice fields can be visited on a journey through the Noto Peninsula . Combine your trip with a visit to Wajima City to the south, and the Okunoto Endenmura Salt Farm along the highway to the north, one of the few remaining traditional salt producers in the area.

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