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Koiji Coast 恋路海岸

Koiji Coast Koiji Coast
Koiji Coast Koiji Coast

A gorgeous stretch of coastline named for two ill-fated lovers

The Koiji Coast runs along the northeast of Noto Peninsula and is a great place to stop and enjoy the views, watch the sunset, and perhaps ponder the legendary tragic story of the two lovers who died here.

Don't Miss

  • The Koiji Fire Festival, one of the Noto Kiriko festivals
  • Watching the sunset from the sands

How to Get There

Since this stretch of coastline is in a remote part of Noto Peninsula in Ishikawa Prefecture , a rental car or private vehicle is recommended.

Quick Facts

The name Koiji means “path to love”

Koiji Beach is part of Enmusubi Beach, which means "making connections with others"

A tale of deathly devotion

Koiji Beach gets its name from a tragic ancient love story in which two lovers were deceived by a jealous suitor, resulting in an accidental death and suicide that seems rather Shakespearean.

Despite the tragedy of this local legend, other area place names have more pleasant connotations. For example, the coastline here is called Enmusubi, conveying the idea of making harmonious connections with others.

Similarly, Bentenjima, a small island just off the coast of the beach, is named for Benten (short for Benzaiten), one of the seven lucky gods of good fortune and the goddess of water, time, and music.

Bentenjima Island lies peacefully in the bay. A small torii gate stands on the water in front of it, making for an attractive scene.

A fire festival to console the lovers' souls

Of the many Noto Kiriko Festivals held on the Noto Peninsula in summer, Koiji Fire Festival is one of the most enchanting. The original festival began with a bonfire lit for the souls of the two lovers on the beach.

Today the festival is held on the third Sunday in July every year. Young people carry two large kiriko lantern floats, representing the two lovers into the sea. Fireworks on the beach are set off to form giant Japanese characters.

Around Koiji

The Koiji Coast is about an hour's drive from Wajima, and 90 minutes from Wakura Onsen . There are rustic inns, cabins, and campsites to stay at in the surrounding area, making for a relaxing and enjoyable retreat among natural scenery.

* The information on this page may be subject to change due to COVID-19.

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