Gora 強羅


A beautiful hot spring town nestled on a hillside

One of the more newly developed areas of Hakone , Gora was nothing more than a barren wasteland filled with rocks until the beginning of the 1900s. It is said that the name Gora comes from these rocks since they resemble tortoise shells, or kora in Japanese. Following the discovery of a hot spring and the construction of a railway, the area developed into a famous hot spring town.

How to Get There

Gora is accessible from Tokyo via train.

Take the JR Tokaido Line from Tokyo Station to Odawara Station, about 80 minutes on the local train. From Odawara Station, Gora Station is another hour via the Hakone Tozan Railway .

The hot spring

The final stop on the Hakone Tozan Railway , Gora is commonly considered the best of the area's hot springs because of all the different spring waters available, each with different colors and effects. This has earned Gora the nickname “the hot spring with five pastel shades.”

Gora Park

There is more to Gora than hot springs. One of the most popular sightseeing destinations is Gora Park, located close to Gora Station. This French-style park features fountains, rose gardens, two greenhouses, and a teahouse. There is also a craft house where you can try your hand at glass blowing and pottery.

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