African Safari 九州自然動物公園 アフリカンサファリ

Kyushu Natural Zoological Park African Safari
Kyushu Natural Zoological Park African Safari

Explore the largest safari park in Japan

African Safari is Japan's biggest safari park, home to about 70 species and 1,400 animals, including bison, deer, bears, lions, cheetahs, elephants, gazelles, camels, rhinos, and giraffes.

Quick Facts

The petting zoo features has horses and guinea pigs

There are many themed restaurants throughout the park

How to Get There

The park is accessible by bus from Beppu Station .

Beppu Station can be reached by Limited Express Train from Hakata, Oita, Miyazaki, and Hitoyoshi as well as neighboring areas. From Beppu Station, take the Kamenoi Bus and get off at the park.

Traveling in the park

While you can view the animals roaming over the 115 hectares of land on the Tsukahara Plain, you need to do so from the safety of your car. If you don't come by car, you will need to ride in one of the park's animal-themed buses.

Safety first

Each enclosure is fitted with a security gate to ensure that animals cannot get out of their area to mix with other species. Park rangers also patrol the park in vans and provide strict instructions not to open any doors or windows of your car.

Take a photo with a lion cub

You can get a photo with a baby lion at the petting zoo, which also has 50 types of animals you can interact with and feed.

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