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Water Buffalo Cart Rides (Yubu Island) 由布島の水牛車

Yubu Island on a cow carts Yubu Island on a cow carts
Yubu Island on a cow carts Yubu Island on a cow carts

Hop over to Yubu Island on a buffalo cart

Traveling between the islands in Okinawa generally means taking a ferry or sometimes a plane. But if you want to get from Iriomote Island to the tiny island of Yubu, the best way is to travel on a cart drawn by a water buffalo.

Don't Miss

  • The botanical garden on Yubu
  • Wild boars and goats inhabiting the sub-tropical island

How to Get There

The Yubu Island water buffalo cart depot on Iriomote Island is a 22-minute bus ride from Ohara port.

From Ohara, you can also rent a car, motorbike or taxi. Reservations are recommended from Ishigaki . There are regular high-speed ferries from Ishigaki Island to Iriomote's two ports. There is also a car ferry that operates a few times a week. The high-speed ferries from Ishigaki take 35-40 minutes to Ohara Port in the south and 45-50 minutes to Uehara Port in the north.

The only way to travel

The island of Yubu has a circumference of only two kilometers and lies just 400 meters off the coast of Iriomote. With plentiful sub-tropical vegetation and a beautiful botanical garden, it is a great place to spend an hour exploring. Getting there is half the fun. Take the trip in a traditional cart pulled through the shallows by a water buffalo while the guide sings you Okinawan songs accompanied by the sanshin, a traditional three-stringed instrument.

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