Mt. Karakuni Autumn Leaves 韓国岳(えびの高原)の紅葉

Mt. Karakuni-dake Ebino Plateau-autumn leaves Mt. Karakuni-dake Ebino Plateau-autumn leaves
Mt. Karakuni-dake Ebino Plateau-autumn leaves Mt. Karakuni-dake Ebino Plateau-autumn leaves

Capture the colors of fall in the midst of volcanoes and crater lakes

Mt. Karakuni-dake is the highest peak in Kyushu's Kirishima mountain range, and its summit offers incredible views into both Miyazaki and Kagoshima prefectures . When fall arrives in early November, however, the scenery becomes even more spectacular. Trek up to get the best views of the brilliant fall foliage.

Don't Miss

  • Taking a nature hike to see alpine plants and wild birds
  • The view from the summit at the crater rim, which offers views of smoking volcanoes
  • The stunning crater lakes along the main hiking trail

How to Get There

Kirishima National Park, home of Mt. Karakuni-dake , is accessible by public transit or car.

By train, head to Kirishima Jingu Station or Kobayashi Station.

By car, you can use the expressway and pay a toll, or use local roads. From the city of Miyazaki, the drive is just over one and a half hours.

Quick Facts

Mt. Karakuni's name refers to Korea, and the Korean Peninsula is visible on a clear day

You must get up higher to get an aerial view of the fall colors

Great reflection shots can be taken on calm days

The vivid blue of the lake

The great thing about the fall colors here is the spectrum in hues. There's a mix of yellows, reds, oranges, greens and everything in between. Take in the breathtaking views, and be sure to appreciate the blue lake for the brilliant contrast it gives.

Reflections of the vibrant colors

Hiking in the Kirishima mountain range can be a windy affair, so it's often hard to see the lakes with a smooth surface. However, if you are lucky enough to find the lake undisturbed, the fall colors beautifully reflect along the surface, giving a lovely mirror effect.

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