Yonaguni Underwater Ruins 与那国島の海底遺跡

Yonaguni Monument
Yonaguni Monument

Dive down to the Atlantis of the Pacific

Take a boat out from the southeast side of Yonaguni Island and dive down into the shallow waters. What you discover there could be one of the wonders of the natural world. Or perhaps the remains of a lost civilization.

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How to Get There

Access the area by airplane and ferry.

Yonaguni Island is the most remote of all the inhabited Okinawan Islands , and there are only one or two flights a day from Ishigaki Island , as well as three flights a week from Naha .

There is a ferry that runs two trips a week from Ishigaki Island , with return journeys on different days. It takes four hours and can be a rough journey.

A startling discovery

When diving tour operator Kihachiro Aratake was exploring the waters off the southeast shore of Yonaguni Island back in 1985, he made a startling discovery. 30 years later, many have been down to this sub-aqua playground to take a look, but no one is quite sure what is down there.

The special rock formation

The rectangular rock formation known as the Yonaguni Monument measures 150 meters by 40 meters and stands about 30 meters tall. With other angular structures around it, the monument certainly looks man-made, but there is a problem. Scientists estimate that the formation is many thousands of years old, created before human beings would have had the means of making such a structure. So is it a natural rock formation? A natural formation adapted by man? Or is this indeed the remains of a lost civilization? You decide.

Take the plunge

The Yonaguni Monument is in shallow waters, but there can be powerful currents, so you have to have some diving experience to explore the site safely. Dive operators offer half-day and full-day tours, including equipment rental, a boat to the site, and an experienced guide.

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