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Yonaguni Island (Yonagunijima) 与那国島

Yonaguni Monument Yonaguni Monument
Yonaguni Monument Yonaguni Monument

Dive into the waters of Yonaguni Island and discover its wonderful sea creatures

Yonaguni Island is the westernmost Okinawan island and the last place in Japan to see the setting sun.

It is the most remote of all the Okinawan islands and hard to get to, but if you are serious about diving, it is worth going.

How to Get There

Getting to Yonaguni Island is not as smooth and simple as some other destinations.

There are three flights a day from Painushima Ishigaki Airport and one flight a day from Naha Airport.

There is also a ferry that runs two trips a week from Ishigaki , with return journeys on different days, but it takes around four hours and 30 minutes and it can be a rough journey.

Quick Facts

Dynamic underwater landscapes bring many visitors to Yonaguni

Hammerhead sharks and whale sharks can be spotted in the winter

Yonaguni ponies, around one meter tall, run free around the island

From hammerhead sharks to miniature horses

You need to be an experienced diver to appreciate all that Yonaguni Island has to offer. The island has excellent hiking trails and some beautiful beaches, but these are closer at hand elsewhere in Okinawa .

One thing you will not see elsewhere are the Yonaguni ponies, which stand around one meter tall and roam free on the island.

In the winter months, hammerhead sharks congregate around the island, and if you go between December and February, you may be able to see them.

Although it is a rare sight, Yonaguni is also one of the few places in Japanese waters where you might see a whale shark, the largest fish.

A lost civilization?

There are also some mysterious underwater sights off the southern coast, sometimes known as the Yonaguni Monument.

Yonaguni Monument

Some say the ruins were naturally formed, while others say they were man-made. Get up close and decide for yourself.

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