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Swim, kayak and dive at one of Japan's top island getaways

Amami-Oshima is located in the East China Sea between Kyushu and Okinawa . Its climate is similar to balmy Okinawa's, and its white beaches, beautiful coral reefs, and crystal-clear sea make it one of Japan's most popular snorkeling and scuba-diving retreats.

How to Get There

Amami-Oshima is accessible by plane from many major Japanese cities and by ferry from Kagoshima.

By air, the island is two hours and 10 minutes from Tokyo, 1.5 hours from Osaka, and 50 minutes from Kagoshima.

Amami-Oshima is on the ferry route that connects Kagoshima with Naha in Okinawa . The trip from Kagoshima takes 11 hours. Coming from Okinawa it takes 13 hours.

Quick Facts

In July 2021, Amami-Oshima and Tokunoshima Island were registered as World Natural Heritage Sites

Amami-Oshima is Japan's ninth-largest island

Amami-Oshima is the largest island in the Satsunan Archipelago and literally means “Big Island”

A haven of sea and sand

Amami-Oshima is part of Amami Gunto National Park, and the sea surrounding it is wonderfully clear. Along with its abundance of coral reefs and semi-tropical aquatic life, this makes for superb diving and snorkeling. You can rent gear and sign up for lessons at multiple locations across the island.

The northern part of Amami-Oshima is a popular resort area and is dotted with white sandy beaches and long stretches of reef.

From beach to ancient forest

About 65 percent of Amami-Oshima is forested, and Japan's second-largest mangrove forest spreads along the central coast. Rent a kayak and head out at high tide to explore or join a tour to learn about the island's unique ecology. This area is especially well known for the diversity of its bird life.

A singular island culture

The islands of the Satsunan chain, including Amami-Oshima, absorbed influences from Kyushu and Okinawa's Ryukyu Kingdom to the south. Amami's music, festivals, and island vibe are generally closer to those found on Okinawa's than in mainland Japan. Visit Amami Park's folk museum to learn more about the island's culture.

While the island's cuisine predictably features amazing seafood, its most popular dish of chicken over rice covered with chicken broth called keihan.

Getting around

Amami-Oshima's Island Bus offers multi-day bus passes that can be purchased for discounted fares. Be aware that it may not run everywhere you would like to go.

Renting a moped or car will give you access to outlying areas and freedom of movement to make the most of your stay. Cycling is also an option in certain areas.

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