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Takigi Noh (Heian-jingu Shrine) 平安神宮の薪能

Takigi Noh (Heian-jingu Shrine) Takigi Noh (Heian-jingu Shrine)
Takigi Noh (Heian-jingu Shrine) Takigi Noh (Heian-jingu Shrine)

Bonfires and ancient musical theater at a historic shrine

Burning torches illuminate the evening performance of Takigi Noh, one of the oldest forms of Japanese musical theater. This event is a favorite among Kyotoites, and tickets sell quickly in the runup to the show. The blazing torches and unique open-air stage in Japan's ancient capital will dazzle you.

Don't Miss

  • Exploring Heian-jingu, the shrine where the performance is held
  • Kyogen, the comic theater performed during intervals of Noh

How to Get There

Access Heian-jingu Shrine from Kyoto Station by bus, subway, train or taxi.

If taking the subway, Heian-jingu is only a 20-minute walk from Kyoto's Higashiyama Station. By taxi, it takes about 15 minutes from Kyoto Station to the shrine. If you're taking the bus, catch the bus headed for Kitaoji Bus Terminal. Get off at the Higashiyama Nijo Okazaki Koen-guchi stop, a seven-minute walk from the shrine.

Quick Facts

The Takigi Noh performance is held at Heian-Jingu every June 1 and 2

You can get a discount if you buy your tickets in advance

Heian-jingu is a partial reproduction of the palace constructed in 794

Heian-jingu Shrine

Actors perform in lavish costume and lacquered wooden masks. The blazing torches illuminating the stage form a counterpoint to the conservative style typical of Noh performances. The more serious main play is interspersed with broad comedy in another performing style called kyogen. These kyogen performances are full of dialogue, movement, and humorous situations. Even if you're a Noh novice, you'll find something to enjoy during a Takigi Noh evening.

* The information on this page may be subject to change due to COVID-19.

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