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Iwakuni Castle 岩国城

Iwakuni Castle Iwakuni Castle
Iwakuni Castle Iwakuni Castle

Impressive reconstruction recalls the grandeur of the former Iwakuni Castle

Construction of Iwakuni Castle began in 1603 and was completed in 1608, but the structure was destroyed in 1615 on the orders of the shogun. You can go around the ruins of the original fortress and learn its history as you explore the reconstructed castle that stands here today, which was built in the mid-20th century.

Don't Miss

  • The view from the top floor observation deck
  • Nearby Kikko Park and Kintaikyo Bridge

How to Get There

Hike or take the ropeway for views across Iwakuni City.

Take the ropeway from Kikko Park up 200 meters to Iwakuni Castle. The ride takes three minutes, and you can enjoy the scenery of the castle town.

One of the top 100 castles in Japan

Iwakuni Castle has been designated as one of the top 100 castles in Japan, and its imposing white-walled structure is visible from across Iwakuni City. The Nishiki River, spanned by the impressive Kintaikyo Bridge , creates a natural moat around the castle.

Enjoy stunning views of the city

Armor and weapons were central to the lives of the samurai

The tools of war from times gone by

See the armor and arms inside the castle, and visit Kashiwabara Art Museum, located at the foot of Mt. Shiroyama, for a more in-depth experience. This interesting museum makes a nice side trip on the way to the ropeway for Iwakuni Castle.

A place to stretch your legs

The summit of Mt. Shiroyama is a nature reserve that remains largely unspoiled. If you appreciate nature and feel particularly fit, you can hike up to the castle via the gentle path beginning from Momijitani in Kikko Park.

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