Utsubuki Park 打吹公園

Utsubuki Park
Utsubuki Park

Visit this flower-filled park for beauty at any time of the year

Located at the foothills of Mt. Utsubuki, this small mountain park boasts a rich forest and spectacular cherry blossoms. Take some time to reconnect with nature by taking a stroll through the forest that is considered one of Japan's best urban parks.

How to Get There

The closest major transport hub to the park is JR Kurayoshi Station. From there, take a bus to the park; your journey should take around 20 minutes.

Utusubuki Park is situated behind Kurayoshi City Hall. Take a bus from Kurayoshi Station in around 20 minutes.

Famous spot for flower-viewing

With approximately 4,000 cherry trees and 40,000 azaleas, Utsubuki Park is considered one of Japan's best urban parks and is the foremost spot for flower-viewing in the Sanin region, which spans Tottori and Shimane prefectures. The 204-meter-high mountain, a centerpiece of the park, is covered in a rich forest that contains a large diversity of trees and plants.

Inside the park

At the park entrance is an attractive pond with a red bridge, a popular spot for wedding photos. Several hiking trails lead you to the tree-covered mountain top, with the most popular and easiest-to-navigate path located at the back of a zoo. Take a route down the back of the mountain to an athletics track and sumo ring. This route finishes at the Kurayoshi Sports Park to the east of the mountain.

The symbol of Kurayoshi City

The mountain in the park is a major symbol of Kurayoshi City , a former economic center of the region. A castle was built on top by the powerful former feudal lord Yamana Ujikiyo, but only the smallest traces of the stronghold remain.

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