Museum of Modern Art Wakayama 和歌山県立近代美術館

Wakayama Kenritsu Kindai Bijutsukan Museum of Modern Art
Wakayama Kenritsu Kindai Bijutsukan Museum of Modern Art

Cleanse your Cultural Palate

After a morning of historical discovery at Wakayama Castle and the related Wakayama Historical Center , visitors might find themselves wishing to cleanse their cultural palate with something a little more modern. Head to The Museum of Modern Art, a short walk south of Wakayama Castle .

How to Get There

Reach the museum by bus. Direct access to the museum is via a 10-minute bus ride from JR Wakayama Station. Disembark at the Kencho-mae stop.

A focus on artists, local and abroad

Originally focused on presenting artistic works from artists with ties to the area, the museum has recently branched out into showing a host of more globally recognized names and their respective works. Visitors can now find works by Picasso and Rothko, rubbing shoulders with woodcut prints from local Wakayama artists.

Various exhibitions, workshops and seminars

The museum building is designed by renowned architect Kisho Kurokawa. Visit the museum to admire its construction and also for workshops, concerts and seminars.

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