Yoshino Cherry Blossoms 吉野山の桜

Cherry blossom of Yoshino Mountain-SPR
Cherry blossom of Yoshino Mountain-SPR

Only the best of the blossoms

Japanese cherry blossom is famous, and there are few places more breathtaking than the cherry blossoms in Yoshino . A trail through small mountain villages and thousands of cherry blossoms will lead you to the top of Mt. Yoshino , a view unlike any other in Japan. Come and see why this is one of Japan's favorite places to enjoy cherry blossoms in bloom.

How to Get There

Access the mountain via train and shuttle bus.

Yoshino Station is a 40-minute train ride from Nara on the Kintetsu line. From there, a shuttle bus will take you to Senbonguchi Station, at the foot of the mountain.

Quick Facts

Approximately 30,000 cherry trees cover Mt. Yoshino

Mt. Yoshino's ropeway is the oldest in Japan

Mt. Yoshino is home to several temples and shrines

The most beautiful blossom

Mt. Yoshino is divided into four areas. Because of the difference in altitude and range of blossom varieties, the blossoms will look different as you ascend. Don't worry about reaching the top of Yoshino to enjoy the fullness of the blooms. The Shimo, lower, and Naka, middle, areas have an abundance of cherry trees.

A ropeway from Senbonguchi Station will take you into the heart of Mt. Yoshino. This village area has several food stalls, restaurants, and shops. Be sure to stop by Kinpusen-ji temple during your trip. The blossom renders everything magical, and will undoubtedly give you a memorable day.

Timing is everything

While the season for blossoms varies year to year, in general, early to mid-April is the best time to visit Mt. Yoshino . Full bloom for each of the areas on the mountain is staggered over a few days.

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