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Sustainable Travel Experiences in JAPAN

Explore Diverse Ecosystems

Explore Diverse Ecosystems

Japan was pulled, compressed and contorted in the last ice age, creating a complex patchwork of geographical habitats and diverse ecosystems. Today, travelers will find fascinating animals such as the Japanese macaque, Blakiston’s fish owl and Ussuri brown bear, along with beautiful plant species, such as wild camelia and lilies. Japan has a very high number of endemic animals, so you’ll be more likely here than in many other countries to spot native species on a trek through wild nature. Surrounded by fertile seas and crisscrossed by snaking rivers, Japan is no stranger to a deluge. Yet this rain keeps the rivers flowing, fills the country’s many lakes and soaks its marshes and wetlands. Above the waterline, Japan is famous for its forests, emblematic woodlands that cover much of its dry land. Take an eco-friendly tour and discover Japan’s unmatched diversity firsthand.

Support the protection of Japan’s magnificent black bears


Observe bears in the wild with specialists at Picchio



The Japanese archipelago is highly biodiverse and boasts a huge range of unique flora and fauna. One of the larger animals to inhabit the Japanese wilderness is the Asiatic black bear. The Picchio Wildlife Research Center in the resort town of Karuizawa an hour from Tokyo provides education programs, habitat management projects and more, as part of the efforts to protect the bears living in the hills in this area. The center won the 4th Japan Tourism Award for Responsible Tourism in collaboration with UNWTO awarded by Tourism Expo Japan in 2018. Now, you can support these initiatives and help keep these majestic creatures safe from extinction while learning how to protect human safety on an educational tour of their habitat. Join a highly trained Picchio eco-tour guide searching for these elusive animals on a sustainability-focused adventure. An encounter with a black bear is a humbling and powerful experience that you will never forget.


Picchio Wildlife Research Center

2148 Nagakura, Karuizawa-machi, Kitasaku-gun, Nagano



Discover majestic red-crowned cranes in Kushiroshitsugen National Park


Join a guided tour to encounter these iconic animals



Kushiroshitsugen National Park in eastern Hokkaido is the largest marshland in Japan, featuring unparalleled vast and untouched landscapes. With rich natural water sources, the entire park is a flourishing habitat for many flora and fauna. Amongst them, the red-crowned crane is designated a Special Natural Monument of Japan and is particularly representative of the Kushiro marshlands. Once thought to be extinct due to overhunting and environmental changes, the species has recovered through dedicated conservation efforts. Because the cranes nest and breed here, they do not migrate, and can be seen throughout the year. However, for the six months of winter, these stunning birds gather at feeding grounds to perform mesmerizing courtship dances against the pristine, snowy landscape. A series of wooden walkways at the park are the only path through the marsh, allowing visitors to view the cranes and other wildlife without damaging the ecosystem.


Nemuro Nature Center

3-19-8 Tokiwa-cho, Nemuro-shi, Hokkaido



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