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Sustainable Travel Experiences in JAPAN

Recovery Through Tourism in Tohoku

©Ministry of the Environment



Filled full of countless treasures for travelers, the Tohoku region promises a spectacular journey all year round. Consisting of six prefectures, you’ll find captivating countryside, snow-covered slopes, ancient forests, dramatic coastal scenery, world heritage sites and more.When the Great East Japan Earthquake hit northeastern Japan in 2011, Tohoku suffered extensively. The tremendous power of nature that has blessed the region with such beauty also had the capacity to ravage it. 



Following the disaster, the people of Tohoku strengthened their commitment to coexisting with nature. Right now, there is a spirit of rebirth in Tohoku, and it’s an exciting time to visit. The best attractions in the region enable you to experience this energy while discovering Tohoku’s natural wonders and cultural heritage. Island-hopping around Sanriku Fukko (reconstruction) National Park is a must for nature lovers. Explore the coastal areas around the three islands before heading inland to discover unique flora and fauna. 


©Ministry of the Environment


The Michinoku Coastal Trail provides access to some of Tohoku’s most spectacular sights while allowing you to lose yourself in the wild, rugged nature that defines the area.Discover contemporary art, exquisite local dishes, and blissful music at the annual Reborn Art Festival. This important cultural event was launched in the wake of the Great East Japan Earthquake and embodies the regions commitment to regeneration.In Kamaishi City, experience the Open Field Museum. A Green Destinations Top 100 for four consecutive years and Silver award winner, the sustainable project invites travelers to experience the city as a living museum.As a traveler to Tohoku, you’ll receive an enthusiastic welcome. Meet passionate residents, learn about their culinary and cultural customs, and contribute to the rejuvenation of this remarkable region.


©Reborn-Art Festival,Kohei Nawa photo Takehiro Goto


Sanriku Fukko (reconstruction) National Park



In-outbound Sendai Matsushima Inc.


Michinoku Coastal Trail Natori Trail Center



Reborn-Art Festival





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