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Traditional Arts Rooted in Community


Traditional Arts Rooted in Community

Since ancient times, Japanese communities have dedicated their meals, dances, songs and music to the gods. These traditions contributed to the origin of performing arts in Japan, and even today, many performances retain these traditional influences. Communities have developed unique, traditional arts cultures such as Kurokawa Noh, Kanazawa Geigi and Takachiho Kagura. Thanks to training regimens, relentless practice and dedicated education programs, Japanese performing arts and techniques have been handed down through the generations. What binds them all is a deep respect for the past, commitment to maintaining these traditions well into the future and strong connections to the beauty that inspired them. You’ll find countless opportunities to enjoy traditional performing arts firsthand and help them thrive for generations to come.

Experience the ancient Shinto ritual of Takachiho Kagura


This fascinating dance performance will transport you to another realm



In Takachiho, a town in northern Miyazaki Prefecture, masked and costumed performers at the Takachiho Shrine offer a performance of re-enacted scenes from Japanese mythology through Takachiho-no-Yokagura, an ancient Shinto ritual dedicated to the local god of each village. The ritual has been passed down for over 800 years, and is still performed between November and February to offer thanks for the autumn harvest and ask for blessings in the next year. There are 33 episodes of the ritual, and four of them are displayed every night for visitors to enjoy. These performances will whisk you away to a land of myths and legends, conveying messages of rich harvests, happy marriages and new life. The Takachiho Shrine is registered as a National Tangible Cultural Property, while Yokagura is registered as an Intangible Folk Cultural Property. Support ancient tradition in Japan’s southern Miyazaki prefecture for a lasting memory that helps preserve local culture for generations to come. 


Takachiho-no-Kagura Performance

1037 Mitai, Oaza Takachiho-cho, Nishiusuki-gun, Miyazaki



Visit Kanazawa’s most famous chaya(teahouse), accompanied by traditional geisha


Experience refined Japanese hospitality in a 200-year-old setting


©artex inc.


Geisha, also known as “geigi” in Kanazawa, Ishikawa Prefecture, are perhaps one of Japan’s most recognizable cultural symbols. For centuries, geisha all across Japan have followed a strict set of rules regarding their approach to hospitality and entertainment. Now, you can experience this culture first-hand with a visit to Kaikaro in Higashi Chaya District, nationally designated as an Important Preservation District for Groups of Traditional Buildings. Leave the modern world behind and immerse yourself in geisha culture. See them perform traditional dances, listen to their centuries-old songs and learn about geisha culture from the teahouse proprietress in English. Beyond the entertainment, you can enjoy regional dishes prepared with local ingredients and of course, plenty of fresh Japanese tea. Since 1820, this traditional teahouse has welcomed guests from all over Japan. Now you can join their ranks.


Geisha Evenings in Kanazawa

1-14-8 Higashiyama, Kanazawa-shi, Ishikawa



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