Take in the Scenic Vistas of Rural Hokkaido by Bicycle

Cycle through the beautiful hills of Biei with a local guide

About two and a half hours from Sapporo lies the town of Biei, among the most popular destinations in Hokkaido for its rolling hills and gorgeous agricultural landscape. The trip is more than worth it for nature lovers, who are certain to be awestruck by the picturesque scenery.

You could explore the town by car, but it’s hard to stop when you want to take a photo. So why not hop on a bicycle and let a local show you all the natural wonders Biei has to offer? With the wind at your face and the songs of the birds in your ears, you're sure to fall in love with the area.

Cycling tours are available from April to November. The fields are vibrant during the warmer months, with flowers blooming in all hues of the rainbow, peaking in July and August. All bicycles are Yamaha electric-assisted models, ensuring a smooth trip for all cyclists.

Tours start just behind Biei Station with destinations like Patchwork Hill, Shirogane Blue Pond, and lovely flower farms. You can choose from several different routes depending on whether you want a full-day or half-day experience. So grab a bicycle and enjoy this tour to get a taste of the beauty Hokkaido has to offer.