Artistic Treasures Exhibited in Perfect Harmony with Nature

Relics from ancient civilizations around the world in a museum designed by I.M. Pei

Nestled in the verdant mountains of Shiga Prefecture, you'll find the Miho Museum, a world-class art venue envisioned as Shangri-La on Earth. Pass under elegant cherry trees, through a tunnel, and across a bridge that spans the forest to find an architectural marvel housing a trove of historical treasures.

Admire a rotating collection of 250 to 500 works from a collection of nearly 3,000 masterpieces of religious art, paintings, ceramics, lacquerware, and more from Japan, East/South Asia, and Western civilization. Marvel at how the exhibits and the structure itself coexist with the idyllic mountain setting. Enjoy a meal prepared with naturally-grown ingredients, then go for a walk on the stunning museum ground and take in nature in all its splendor.

This singular destination of man-made and natural aesthetic beauty awaits you just a 50-minute bus trip from Shiga's Ishiyama Station, in turn just 15 minutes from Kyoto (45 minutes from Osaka) on the JR Biwako Line.

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