Top Japanese Technology Is on Display at Kawasaki Good Times World

See the incredible innovations of the Kawasaki Heavy Industries Group in Kobe

Vehicle enthusiasts are sure to enjoy a visit to Kawasaki Good Times World, a sponsored museum of the Kawasaki Heavy Industries Group. Opened in 2006 within the Kobe Maritime Museum, Kawasaki Good Times World showcases the many technological advancements introduced by the company over the past century.

Be prepared to set aside several hours of your day to explore the numerous exhibits and galleries. Journey through the air and across land and sea as you board a helicopter and shinkansen, or watch clips of a ship-launching ceremony. In the motorcycle gallery, seat yourself on one of the best-known Kawasaki products and try your hand at the racing simulator. Charming and colorful characters will quiz you on several of Kawasaki’s products at the Kawasaki Good Times World TECHNO-LAB. Don’t miss the exhibit of high-performance robots to see how these inventions are already contributing to the manufacturing industry.

Before you go, stop by the museum shop, where a number of original products are on offer. Pick up unique Kawasaki motorcycle goods, or choose from a host of railway and aircraft-themed items. A tasty treat is the kawara sembei, rice crackers shaped like roof tiles and emblazoned with the Kawasaki logo.

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