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Akanko Marimukan

Get all the information you need about Akan and its surrroundings

The Akanko Marimukan is located in the center of Akanko Onsen village, across from Akan Lake. The center has maps and pamphlets for sightseeing in Akan, as well as information about the greater eastern Hokkaido region, including Teshikaga and Kushiro, in English and Chinese. The friendly staff is also happy to help you make reservations for seasonal outdoor activities, tours, events, and local accommodations. Use the interactive monitors in the facility to view the latest sightseeing and event information and observe geothermal activity on Mt. Me-akan through the live camera feed.

If you’d like to try the local food, there is plenty of information available and the staff can give you their recommendations.

The center holds periodic events on local Ainu culture and marimo, the local lake algae that grow into bright green balls. Guided tours can be booked through the center, including hiking trips into Akan's primeval forest.


Open 9:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.
Closed Open daily throughout the year
Cost Free of charge (Fee required for snowshoe and cross-country ski rental)
Foreign Languages English and Chinese
Wi-Fi Available
Address 2-6-20 Akanko Onsen, Akancho, Kushiro City, Hokkaido
Phone 0154-67-3200
Link http://en.kushiro-lakeakan.com/overview/2359/