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  • Mt. Hakuto Hiking Trail

    Time Required: 2 h 30 min.      Distance: 4 km

    A hiking course with fantastic views of Lake Akan

    Located on the south side of Lake Akan, Mt. Hakuto (950 meters) has a nature trail that runs from the ski slopes up to the summit observatory, allowing you to fully enjoy the nature of Akan. From spring to fall, you can take delight in the myriad of flowers and changing leaves. Other highlights to see are the streams flowing with hot spring water, pools of bokke (bubbling mud), and from the observatory, you can look out at a grand panoramic view of Lake Akan and Mt. O-akan.




    Lovely flowers blooming across the ski slopes


    From spring to early summer, wildflowers such as Primula jesoana, Anemone flaccida, and Anemone debilis bloom at your feet. Enjoy these charming blossoms as you make your way up the trail. And on the way down, take in the stunning sight of Lake Akan beyond the ski slopes.


    The breath of the land


    There are numerous bokke, or mud volcanoes, scattered about the Lake Akan area, both by the lakeshore as well as in other spots. As you follow this course, you will find a number of bubbling bokke pools. In fall, along with the beautiful reds, yellows, and greens of the changing leaves, the bubbling sounds of the bokke and the scent of the volcanic gases will give you a real sense of the earth’s vitality.


    Gazing at Mt. Me-akan


    From the Mt. Hakuto Observatory (788 meters), you can look out at Lake Akan and Mt. O-akan as well as see part of Mt. Me-akan. There are also areas nearby that grow prized species of mosses due to the geothermal heat that does not allow snow to collect even in winter.

    Trail Map