2.8 km
1 h5min
Kawayu Eco-museum Center
Mount Io

Mount Io Tsutsujigahara Nature Trail

Take a scenic nature trail to the steamy volcanic slopes of Mount Io

Discover Mount Io's barren slopes, dotted with more than 1,500 steam-spewing fumaroles. This course begins at the Kawayu Eco-museum Center and takes you to the volcano via the lush Tsutsujigahara Nature Trail. Stop by the Isotsutsuji Terrace and Haimatsu Deck for clear views of the landscape. Stubby Japanese stone pines grow year-round and snowy white Labrador tea flowers bloom in June. You can spot Mount Io on your right and Mount Shari in the distance as you walk the course.

Trail Map

Mount Io Tsutsujigahara Trail

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