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Amami Wildlife Center

Learn about wildlife conservation on the Amami Islands

The Amami Wildlife Center was established to conserve the nature and wildlife of the Amami Islands. It serves as a base for conservation-related efforts in Amamigunto National Park.

The wildlife center has exhibits on the local ecosystem and ongoing conservation initiatives. One exhibit that's of particular interest to hikers is a large map of the Amami Islands that is regularly updated with time-stamped photos of various plants and animals that you can find in the current season. The main exhibit floor includes a collection of taxidermy mounts of Amami's birds, reptiles, insects, and mammals such as the Amami rabbit. Visitors can also enjoy colorful murals and the sound of Amami's wildlife playing in the background.

Another corner of the facility details conservation and nature research conducted at the wildlife center, with statistics and charts of the results. One of the Amami Islands' key conservation projects is the eradication of the small Indian mongoose, an invasive species. The small Indian mongoose was brought to Amami Oshima Island in 1979 in an attempt to cull habu viper populations. However, they instead began preying on endangered species such as the Amami rabbit and Amami Ishikawa's frog, creating a negative impact on the islands' ecological balance. The wildlife center provides information on small Indian mongoose extermination measures and ecosystem restoration.

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Open 9:30 a.m. 4:30 p.m. Tuesday - Sunday (including national holidays)
Closed Monday (If Monday is a national holiday, the center will be closed on the Tuesday after), Winter Holidays December 29 - January 3
Admission Free
Foreign Languages Multilingual pamphlets available
Address Koshinohata 551, Ongachi, Yamato Village, Oshima County, Kagoshima Prefecture
Phone (+81) 0997-55-8620

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