3 days
Plan your visit carefully and allow plenty of time for your activities in the park. Always check the latest weather information, and avoid overexerting yourself if you feel unwell.


Exploring the Southernmost Seascapes of Shikoku

Natural beauty abounds in the land and sea of the Tatsukushi Coast, where you can learn about the environment and ecology through local institutions, scenic drives, snorkeling, kayaking, and more activities.

Itinerary Highlights

  • Learning about how nature has shaped the dynamic and graceful coastline.

  • A glass boat tour for an up-close look at the underwater world.

  • Exploring the picturesque environs of Cape Ashizuri.

  • Snorkeling and kayaking along a premium beach.

Trip Overview

Getting to know the Tatsukushi Coast
Adventuring around Cape Ashizuri
Sakurahama snorkeling and kayaking
Day 1

Getting to know the Tatsukushi Coast

Arrive at Kochi Ryoma Airport in the morning, then catch a ride to the Tatsukushi Coast. Find a lunch spot at your leisure. In the afternoon, head to the Tatsukushi Visitor Center Uminowa and get situated by participating in one of the tours they offer. The name Uminowa emphasizes the notion of connection between humans and the natural world, especially the sea. The activities available at the visitor center will stimulate your interest in the region's natural history, with tours taking you out to the tide pools along the coast or to explore the rocks that are the direct consequences of earthquakes, tsunamis, and other phenomena.

Once these activities are wrapped up, head to your lodging at Ashizuri Onsen, a hot spring resort said to be founded by the Buddhist monk Kukai around 1,200 years ago. Steep yourself in the history and healing waters of the onsen after a day spent on the coast.

Day 2

Adventuring around Cape Ashizuri

In the morning, travel back to the Tatsukushi Coast for a boat tour on the bay. You'll learn about coral conservation efforts from the captain while admiring the spectacular underwater scenery visible from the glass bottom of the boat. After docking, the tour will take you to explore the strangely shaped rocks along the Minokoshi Coast. These special formations will delight and inspire you after your adventure on the water.

Take a moment to grab lunch in the vicinity, then move to the Ashizuri Aquarium. There are plenty of sights and activities to fill your entire afternoon, with two floors, multiple exhibition areas, an observation deck, a shop, and more. Next, stop by the Seashell Gallery nearby, which has more than 50,000 shells on display. Spend the rest of the day exploring Cape Ashizuri by car, a rugged coastal area with an eponymous lighthouse, Kongofukuji Temple, and scenic views of the sea and subtropical plants in bloom.

When you're tired out, head back to Ashizuri Onsen for another night of relaxation.

Day 3

Sakurahama snorkeling and kayaking

Check out of your hotel and make your way to Sakurahama Beach in the morning. Get warmed up and ready for a memorable snorkeling experience beside a premium beach, followed by kayaking that will let you enjoy the sea to the fullest. With an expert guide on hand, travelers of all ages and experience levels can enjoy these adventures on and in the water. Have lunch afterward on your own time and relax in the laidback coastal atmosphere. In the afternoon, when you're ready, return to Kochi Ryoma Airport for your departing flight.

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